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Swedish minds work in strange ways

This shows with out a doubt that Swedish minds are not at all like the rest of us ;o)

Arshavin & a Brazilian

After last nights game – Liverpool vs. Arsenal (4-4) – and the 4 amazing goals by Andrei Arshavin, Arsenal, I got this film from Youtube. Funny stuff … Special 1 TV (Feb 2009) is doing an “interview” with Arsene Wenger… Continue Reading →

The Girl Who Silenced the World for 6 Minutes

download xpq 21 white alive

Orbitwheels Rocks!!

Check out this instruction video for the Orbitwheels. Damn it looks like the mix of old inline skates and my skateboard I’ve always wanted… The safety of the bastards are probably not worth mentioning, but who has ever had that… Continue Reading →

Freezing at Grand Central Station

The fantastic event by Improv Everywhere, where a huge number of people (207 to be precise!) suddenly freeze for minutes to the surprise of everyone else is amazing … I can watch it again and again. Think about it… 207… Continue Reading →

Is Guitar Hero really Risky Business?

Remember the 1983 movie Risky Business with a very young Tom Cruise?? In a pink shirt and socks … rocking in the living room! Now get the world famous Pro-skater Tony Hawk, NBA LA Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant, 14… Continue Reading →

The Korean Lars Ulrich

Proud Fat Guy

How impressive … ?? Perhaps Lars should drink just a little less and run some more – Run, Forrest, Run!Other Pictures from Fanø: Anders pictures & My pictures.

YouTube – Flickr of Video

I just discovered YouTube … the Flickr of Video. Here you can upload video clips and publish them easily on the net… even lets you embed the videos on your website. This video is taken in Berlin in April …… Continue Reading →

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