Is Guitar Hero really Risky Business?

Remember the 1983 movie Risky Business with a very young Tom Cruise?? In a pink shirt and socks … rocking in the living room!

Now get the world famous Pro-skater Tony Hawk, NBA LA Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant, 14 x Olympic gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps and New York Yankees player Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez to do the exact same thing, but in a commercial for Guitar Hero World Tour … The cost of this must be HUGE!! But its for certain something that will get bring more attention to the game … ;o)

YouTube – Flickr of Video

I just discovered YouTube … the Flickr of Video. Here you can upload video clips and publish them easily on the net… even lets you embed the videos on your website.

This video is taken in Berlin in April … I thought it would be the best example, since all of us on the film are going to Fanø to get drunk and play cards very very soon … for 5 straight days … Gonna feel like a re-run of the bachelor party ;o)

Next-Gen Video iPod from Apple

video ipod

Apple has been denying it over and over again. Even Steve Jobs have publicly announced it to be an urban legend.

But with the latest article in the Wall Street Journal – – Apple Looks to Sell Videos — and Maybe iPods to Play Them – it seems to be more that just an urban legend!

Apple will do a video iPod
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