Daily Links

Orbitwheels Rocks!!

Check out this instruction video for the Orbitwheels. Damn it looks like the mix of old inline skates and my skateboard I’ve always wanted… The safety of the bastards are probably not worth mentioning, but who has ever had that in mind when going backwards down a flight of stairs on rollerblades? At least not until you sat waiting for 3 hours in the ER (I personally think they let you wait extra long when you report a skating accident.. Bastard Doctors!!). However it would be nice to see how you actually brake in them… (you might have noticed I skipped the 1:33 minute long safety warning of the same reason)

Pricetag lets you wonder why they are not already on your feet: 119 USD with Inventist. Gotta get me a pair soon!!

The minimalistic design alone with the hubless wheels are incredible… but reminds of the bike I just scrolled by earlier today … The Swordfish which seems to be a concept bike for now:

Designed by Alexander Kotlyarevsky. Beautiful…

Freezing at Grand Central Station

The fantastic event by Improv Everywhere, where a huge number of people (207 to be precise!) suddenly freeze for minutes to the surprise of everyone else is amazing … I can watch it again and again. Think about it… 207 living statues in at the Grand Central Station in New York.