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ride the gray walls 

ride the gray walls 

Balance of life

Balance of life

feel like cruising :o)

feel like cruising :o)

Orbitwheels Rocks!!

Check out this instruction video for the Orbitwheels. Damn it looks like the mix of old inline skates and my skateboard I’ve always wanted… The safety of the bastards are probably not worth mentioning, but who has ever had that… Continue Reading →

Daily Links (tags: web communication ia ux information_architecture informationarchitecture user experience) The Elements of User Experience (tags: design web reference webdesign web2.0 tools software webdev development architecture interface usability visualization information ui user ia ux information_architecture informationarchitecture interaction pdf ajax user-experience… Continue Reading →

Is Guitar Hero really Risky Business?

Remember the 1983 movie Risky Business with a very young Tom Cruise?? In a pink shirt and socks … rocking in the living room! Now get the world famous Pro-skater Tony Hawk, NBA LA Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant, 14… Continue Reading →

Human Skateboarding

Incredible marketing campaign for Sneaux shoes… Makes you wanna go buy some more shoes!! Speaking of which: Adidas Superstar NBA Collection is on the street!!!! The Adidas Concept Store in San Francisco has them all and I went Celtics on… Continue Reading →

First Descent

By accident I stumbled into this trailer: First Descent, which is a brand new snowboard movie opening in theatres on December 2nd, 2005. And by the looks of it we have some sort of Dogtown and the Z-Boys goes playing… Continue Reading →

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