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New pictures & Gallery

The pictures can also be seen in the Gallery … GRAND OPENING :o) :o)

Daily Links

7 Online Image Editors | Fun with Photographs (tags: design web fun funny free photos list photography photo image online collection photoshop pictures review resource IT 2009 editor editing webapp editors) Wheel of Copenhagen (tags: Copenhagen Denmark Wheel)

Megan Fox in a School Uniform

.!. Pictures of Megan Fox download reunion , the star of ‘Transformers‘ in a school uniform are now being distributed around the internet … And I know what you are thinking … ;o) But No … sadly disappointed, I must… Continue Reading →

iPhone App: PhotoSwap

Take a picture and send it through the PhotoSwap application … shortly after you will then recieve a new picture from another user. Let other see what you see .. and you will get to see what you see… Price:… Continue Reading →

Socialurin – Sosialurin

Maybe its just me … but this is the funniest name for a serious newspaper. update: I know … i misspelled it :o) Sosialurin… Sosialurin… Sosialurin… Will never happen again!! JC (4 years old)

Starting to look like a kitchen!!

Daily Links Volkswagen busses from the 50’s … so much useless information but still kind of interesting (tags: cars volkswagens vintage Photos history vw bus)

Pictures from Prague

Found the time to upload my images from the recent trip to Prague … Check them out here … If you haven’t been there yet – GO NOW … its a fantastic city …

Daily Links

Social Wallpapering Super nice photos for your desktop … (tags: art collection community wallpaper social photos images graphics wallpapers gallery fotos photography pictures desktop)

Street Art Collection

Flickr delivers lots of wonderful images from all around the world. And now we even get a nice large collection of the street art to enjoy form the comfort of our own internet connection … now more roaming the streets… Continue Reading →

First day of school

Who wouldn’t be proud on a daugthers first day of school? More images

A look from above…

Google have launched Google Earth with satellite images of the entire world. Looks really cool!. And at AntiMega you now have a chance to map your images geographically using flickr and Google. Related Links: flickrcity New York flickrcity Copenhagen (my… Continue Reading →

Videos from Berlin

Bachelor Party in Berlin – April 29/30… Also see more pictures on Flickr. Finally they’re online …

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