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Daily Links – Share your Apps (tags: web iphone links ipod apps applications appstore share itunes twitter url)

Daily Links

.!. Webby Nominees The Annual Webby Awards 2009 … for the best and most inspiring websites :o) There are some cool stuff here. (tags: design web cool blog webdesign inspiration internet list Ideas lists resources online website web_design websites links… Continue Reading →

Daily Links

Useful Cheat Sheets for Web Designers There is nothing wrong with cheating, if it will speed up your work process and deliver much better work than before :o) Why memorize all these things when there is a shortcut to make… Continue Reading →

Daily Links

Apple’s next problem “When your entire culture is organized about being the other, the outsider, the insurgent, the one that’s better than the masses… (like Starbucks, btw), what do you do when you are the masses?” (tags: apple Ideas inspiration… Continue Reading →

Daily Links

Skull Motorcycle Helmet The worlds strangest looking helmet … Ride like the Grim Reaper.. (tags: cool design Gadget geek interesting Motorcycle helmet skull buy) SPACE INVADERS 30th Anniversary Buy the coolest Space Invaders Merchandise directly from TAITO (tags: games geek… Continue Reading →

Daily Links Volkswagen busses from the 50’s … so much useless information but still kind of interesting (tags: cars volkswagens vintage Photos history vw bus)

Daily Links

ThinkGeek :: iAXE USB Electric Guitar Might be a place to start …. (tags: audio shopping wishlist guitar usb) Gibli Ortal | Juice Presser This is probably the coolest juice presser I have ever seen … place put this in… Continue Reading →

Daily Links

MyFootballClub – Own the club and pick the team (tags: football community soccer collaboration web2.0 social sport interesting games cool business team money)

Daily Links

Megaramp Official Blog Building the MegaRamp for the ESPN X-Games in Staples Center… Awesome construction – I am so much looking forward to see it in action!! (tags: skate skateboarding BMX ramp amazing ESPN Staples X-Games MegaRamp) Made in China… Continue Reading →

links for 2007-07-29

CSS Redundancy Checker (tags: cool css design generator ONLINE reference tech tools webdesign web tool services)

links for 2007-06-27

Dutty’s Windows Mobile 6 Premium v2 The Hermes Guide – HTC TyTN etc… Ny DK rom fra til HTC TyTn Hermes_Wiktionary XDADeveloperWiki – everything about Hermes/HTC TyTN HTC Smartphone Wiki More general information on HTC phones … (tags:… Continue Reading →

Daily Links

Country’s description by its flag (tags: politics humor fun journalism) Color + Design Blog / Flags of the World by Color Usage by COLOURlovers (tags: blog color cool colour fun design culture geography history images politics world)

Daily Links

Ultimate Web 2.0 Layer Styles – Free Download (tags: photoshop web2.0 webdesign graphics free color design graphic inspiration Adobe) Free Money Generator … Might not be legal everywhere (or anywhere?) in the world … but still a fun idea. I… Continue Reading →

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