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Just explaining why

Just explaining why

Just explaining why

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30 Things to Do to Keep From Getting Bored Out of Your Skull at Work Summer vacation is over … keep this list for next years entertainment.. (tags: fun blog reference interesting inspiration funny howto list lists toread blogs tips… Continue Reading →

miAdidas – Heaven On Earth

.!. .!. I have seen the light … I have touched the sky… I need to get some customized Adidas Superstars for my feet .. and very soon thanks!!! miAdidas is giving you the option to design your own sneakers… Continue Reading →

Daily Links (tags: web communication ia ux information_architecture informationarchitecture user experience) The Elements of User Experience (tags: design web reference webdesign web2.0 tools software webdev development architecture interface usability visualization information ui user ia ux information_architecture informationarchitecture interaction pdf ajax user-experience… Continue Reading →

New Gadget Blog – Kenzu42

Kenzu42 is a Danish Gadget/lifestyle magazine that now have evolved from the traditional printed magazine (although free of charge) and the online once-a-month update of an electronic version to be a daily updated blog … Seems like advertising ??? well… Continue Reading →

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