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foursquare (tags: web tools web2.0 games social community iphone Mobile socialmedia twitter phone applications app apps game geolocation foursquare local socialnetworking lbs network socialnetwork application location gaming gps android geo startup city) Social Great / Where's the Crowd? – New… Continue Reading →

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TableNinjaFT – Hotkeys and Utilities for Full Tilt® (tags: Add-on Full poker Tilt utilities) 100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About (tags: culture fun funny future geek history humor internet kids list media technology)

Daily Links

Who’s the Bigger Nerd: Wikipedia or Google? … if websites were people ??? (tags: artists cartoon facebook google humor internet socialmedia twitter visualization)

Daily Links

.!. Web Page Analyzer – free website optimization tool website speed test … (tags: design accessibility web optimization webdesign tools performance free internet testing webdev utilities development online tool css seo HTML programming website usability xhtml speed analyzer analysis webmaster… Continue Reading →

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.!. Webby Nominees The Annual Webby Awards 2009 … for the best and most inspiring websites :o) There are some cool stuff here. (tags: design web cool blog webdesign inspiration internet list Ideas lists resources online website web_design websites links… Continue Reading →

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Crayons | Christian Faur Over 100.000 crayons transformed into some pretty cool pieces of art by Christian Faur… This guy must a key customer with Crayola :o) (tags: cool art painting design crayons) Facebook status generator | Kundera's ostrich Lack… Continue Reading →

PC, Mac or Linux ???

I decidedd to try out the Linux system too …. and damn its nice … Hello Mac and Linux … and goodbye Windows. You need to shape up, Mr. Gates …

Back Online!!

Finally … an internet connection with some stability :o)

Lack of information

It’s not that I dont wnat to write more interesting news on my site, but at the moment I lack my internet connection at home. The stupid whom I have been stealing a wireless connection from have enabled encryption on… Continue Reading →

Present in way too many places

Ever felt like you must have split personalities??… You enter a website that you never-ever heard about before, and when you try to sign-up it tells you the username has already been taken. But then you start thinking: something is… Continue Reading →

eBay: Wi-Fi Speed Spray

Found on eBay: Wi-Fi Speed Spray DramaticalIy Increase Data Throughput . A spray to make Wi-Fi go faster???

With a view over Greenland

Onboard Internet Access with Scandinavian Airlines… how much sweet can it be when flying from Copenhagen to Chicago. Being able to access the internet at 30.000 feet and at a speed of 600 mph … its just incredible. Scandinavian Airlines… Continue Reading →

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