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foursquare (tags: web tools web2.0 games social community iphone Mobile socialmedia twitter phone applications app apps game geolocation foursquare local socialnetworking lbs network socialnetwork application location gaming gps android geo startup city) Social Great / Where's the Crowd? – New… Continue Reading →

Noby Noby Boy

Noby Noby Boy (Nobi Nobi Boy) might be the (best) excuse for me for getting myself a Playstation 3. I loved the game Katamari Damarcy, that was the first game from Keita Takahashi. And now with the new Noby Noby… Continue Reading →

Nintendo Wii & The Zelda Hack

I finally managed to get my Nintendo Wii semi-hacked using the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess hack. Now I can install HomeBrew applications … and lots of other stuff … What an amazing machine :o) I will try to upload… Continue Reading →

Is Guitar Hero really Risky Business?

Remember the 1983 movie Risky Business with a very young Tom Cruise?? In a pink shirt and socks … rocking in the living room! Now get the world famous Pro-skater Tony Hawk, NBA LA Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant, 14… Continue Reading →

Wii Pole Dancing Game

Now its final … I need a Wii ….

Daily Links

Skull Motorcycle Helmet The worlds strangest looking helmet … Ride like the Grim Reaper.. (tags: cool design Gadget geek interesting Motorcycle helmet skull buy) SPACE INVADERS 30th Anniversary Buy the coolest Space Invaders Merchandise directly from TAITO (tags: games geek… Continue Reading →

Memories …

This is actually the first ‘computer-game’ i ever owned! … just came across it at Handheld Museum and all the memories came back 🙂

Retro Nostalgic : Skooldays

Missing all the stuff from back when .. you know .. long time ago. Now check out Retro Nostalgic : Skooldays and get a glimpse of all the ‘good old’ things. Everything from lunchboxes, TV show, music and arcade games… Continue Reading →

Most Popular Gaming Console

According to the number of gaming related searches in May on Google Xbox 360 untouchable at the top!! And yes… we are looking to the launch later this year (if Microsoft keep their promises from E3). Source: Google Press Center:… Continue Reading →

Incentive to buy a GameCube

I have found the coolest controller on the market. So sad it’s for a GameCube .. but it acutally makes me wanna buy one (then I would also get an oppotunity to play Donkey Konga :o) This Resident Evil controller… Continue Reading →

Back from Game Developers Conference

I don’t know if I have to be truly disappointed. Last week I was in San Francisco, attending the Game Developers Conference 2005, and following J Allard’s excellent keynote speak he gave away, not 1, not 2, but 1000 Samsung… Continue Reading →

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