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This Headline Is Just So Damn Long

somafab: 87 Bridgestone T700 – Lauterwasser Bars 02 by FunatakeDesigns on Flickr.


Biker Unpacked



babesnbicycles: Submit pix of you and your bike to


cyclivist: The Bishop | RKP. You need to get through and admire the details on this thing right now.

It’s just so dirrrrty

godsavethevelo: Well, hello there!



Old-Skool Tandem

Cargo Bikes

<3 Pure Love was originally published on Living Life Behind Bars

thenakedbicycle: Maaad..

zsof: :3

Tattooed Guns

lacletaoficial: discoursesofthewithered: AV9B4249 (- ewwhite) Go, goo, goooo!

Spirit of Le Tour

titsandtires: DSC02402 (by e-RICHIE)

aces5050: Cinelli 1A with Campagnolo 50th Pantograph (by Drillium-Revival)

theblueandred: Not surprised we ended up here. #theblueandred You are doing it Wrong!!!

titsandtires: I’ll Show You ….. (by K’s Photo’s)

titsandtires: I’ll Show You ….. (by K’s Photo’s)

geokan: Drillium Revival – Stylish & period correct modifications Drillium Revival is about 1970’s style milling and drilling on classic racing parts.The “Drillium” period of the early 1970’s inspired by “tuned” parts on Eddy Merckx’s race bikes and the work of some talented machinists… Continue Reading →

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